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Kai an Asian American R&B group. The band Kai got their name from the word kaibigan of the Tagalog (Filipino) language that signifies brotherhood. It seems a fitting name for this San Francisco-based R&B quartet, whose members have been friends since they were children. Composed of singers AC Lorenzo, Leo Chan, Errol Virray, Andrew Gapuz and Andrey Silva, the group debuted in 1997 with their first single, "Say You'll Stay." Their full-length, self-titled album is slated for a May 1998 release on Geffen Records. Four of them are Filipinos, while the fifth member is chinese. As stated in vibe magazine, "they successfully meld the traditional harmonies of Boyz  to men with the sentiment of Asian Pop." They already have there second album out, but there debut self entitled album is is the best. With its nice slow ballads and some dance tunes, it one of the best CD's I ever owned.









Jocelyn Enriquez is another flipino pop star that is famous here in the U.S. In 1993, Jocelyn a 22 year old at the time, was discovered by Glenn Gutierrez, who helped the young diva-in-the-making shape her debut CD Lovely, which garnered favorable press. Lovely came out in 1994 on Classified Records and contained the dance hits "I've Been Thinking About You" and "Make This Last Forever." Jocelyn is ready to make the leap from teen singing sensation to star as she begins recording her third full length album under the direction of Timber of  Tommy Boy's dance aficionado Joey Gardner. It's a move that she's been preparing for her entire life. Born and raised in San Francisco, Jocelyn was singing by the age of three and often performed at church and for her family. With her family in her corner, the young Jocelyn studied voice with the San Francisco Girls Chorus and the San Francisco Opera Company. The rigorous training gave Jocelyn a musical foundation that was invaluable and helped her to unlock the power in her supple voice. "I was a big fan of Olivia Newton-John, Whitney Houston and Madonna, and learned a lot by studying their records," she says. Getting even more favorable notice were Jocelyn's incredible live stage performances. With strong radio support, Jocelyn continues to tour extensively, playing throughout the US and abroad, opening for acts such as Jon Secada, The Fugees, LL Cool J, Brandy, Mase and Dru Hill. International stardom also takes her through Canada, Brazil, Philippines, Singapore, Guam and other countries. It was all groundwork for what lay ahead. Jocelyn also is one of my favorite singers. She sings beautiful love sons and also his that can make anybody dance. She is one of the few Filipino Americans, who can sing in tagalog. Her on hit called "kailanman" is one of my favorite songs. It a love song that really makes me feel good when ever I hear that song.